Thursday, January 23, 2014


One year ago, on this day, I clicked Publish on my very first blog post.  

I was apprehensive.  I told only the members of my writing group, and my family—maybe twenty people.   For two months. 

Not until the end of March did I have the courage to click on a second button.  This time, it was the Facebook icon under the blog post.  I shared to Facebook.   The status quo held for about six months. 

Then, I got up the nerve to share a post to Twitter.  I still don’t always, so some dregs of my initial apprehension linger.

 87 posts later, I am still writing.  Still enjoying myself.  Still reflecting, making connections, and growing.

Still amazed that people other than my friends and family, people scattered all over the world, would spend precious minutes with me every week or so.  Some of you have posted on the site; many more have sent your comments by email, or remarked in person.  Your support has been so encouraging, and I am deeply grateful.

So I will keep clicking Publish as often as I can, and I invite you to keep reading and sharing.

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