Friday, March 15, 2013


"Good evening, Beer Brothers.  How can I make your day better?"

Now, didn't that phone greeting take me by surprise.  I chuckled.  Immediately, my mood lightened, and my voice reflected that spirit.  So, I answered the question.    Well, you can confirm my reservation for tomorrow evening.  The young lady on the other end was happy to do that.  I was pleased to hear her response--a win-win situation, a break in a snowy day, an upbeat day taken to another level.

The question stayed with me all day.  How can I make your day better?  I need to be asking myself that question all the time.   How can I bless the days of the people around me?

My husband does that.  He clears the driveway for the neighbours.  Yes, he will be happy to deliver Meals on Wheels every day for a week.  He ran the grocery store gauntlet to pick up milk and bananas, and set some cheese and crackers down on my desk while I'm working.  He takes care of clean-up after supper.

Did I make his day better?

Can I make blessing a conscious part of my day?

I know people whose life work is blessing others.  They visit the sick, they deliver homemade goodies to grieving families.  They organize benefits for suffering individuals.  They remember birthdays and anniversaries, the names of people's children, and what has been going on in their life lately.  Extraordinary.   Anonymous to the world, they spread joy wherever they go.

I'll be asking that question:  How can I make your day better?

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