Sunday, March 10, 2013


The conclave beginning on Tuesday has prompted me to reflect even more on my philosophical journey.  As a young person, I followed the rules, did what I was told, played it safe, respected Authority, believed.  Now, much older, not jaded or cynical but questioning, I am quite comfortable breaking the rules, going out on a limb, pushing ideas, taking risks, asking the tough questions, searching for answers.

So, Cardinal Electors, this is my plea.

Habemus Papam

Cardinal Electors,
All one hundred fifteen of you,
Congregated and cloistered in the Sistine Chapel,
Please, give us a real Pope,
Whose red shoes will gladly walk
Where some would rather not go,
From the labyrinth of sexual abuse,
The narrow alley of the dark ages,
The muddy trail of sexual orientation,
The cul-de sac of patriarchy,
The dead-end of pseudo-language,
Smokescreen for meaningful direction,
Onto the street of healthy sexuality,
The interchange of ongoing revelation,
The path of true acceptance,
The boulevard of equal participation,
The avenue of social justice,
The highway of relevance and new life.


  1. Yvette.. I can appreciate this. I like the movement in the poem and the thoughtful honesty. I agree. Can I say amen?

  2. Please do. Thanks for the comment, Tricia.