Saturday, February 2, 2013


Yesterday, I stood, walked around, bent over, packed books, carried a crate into the car, climbed into bed.  Sounds pretty normal, average, routine.  I did all these things without thinking of my back, without rehearsing every single move necessary to position myself, without internally wincing.

Wanting to capture that experience, I started to think in verse.  Why does verse seem to come to me more easily than prose when I have strong feelings to express?  That's the subject of another blog, I think.  For today, the verse led me to thinking about my back, and being back, being back in my routine, for the most part.  The play on words and the opposition sent me to the diamonte poem.  Would that form capture the moment?  Here's my effort.

painful  unco-operative
complaining  creaking  stabbing
awareness  improvement  flexibility  movement
stretching  walking  lifting
normal  expected

I've used this form with students in many different contexts.  Now, there's a wonderful site that provides the organizer and the format.


  1. I like the play with "back"; the pattern of adjectives, then verbs, then nouns... I think I'll pass this one on as a prayer, and a wish, to my dad!

    1. Thanks, Tricia. It's a great form for expressing any kind of opposition. Selecting words according to grammatical pattern, not only sense and sound, provides a discipline which I find challenging and rewarding.